Monday, August 11, 2014

Yet too different

They were similar,
yet too different.
Spoke the same language
and ate the same food.
They went to the same school,
and college too.
Strong friendship blossomed,
they were in love now.
Two individuals in a modern society,
well-settled and set.
To face the future,
they decided to hold their hands.
A celebrated marriage was what they hoped.
There was something they forgot.
A difference too deep.
They believed in God,
but called him different names.
They hadn't realized,
till it was too late.
Indeed they were in love
but the society wouldn't care.
They pleaded, they begged,
they met, they impressed.
'He is a great boy. If only....'
Ma said.
This wasn't a movie or a book.
They wouldn't run away or kill and die.
This was love.
Just when they thought,
the world had changed,
they forgot,
they were similar
yet too different.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


No, she is not afraid
of her mother-in law
or the demon dowry.

No, she is not afraid
of her running away
with a man of a different caste.

No, she is not afraid
of her failing in math
or homescience either.

Yes, she is afraid
of the little monsters
born each day

Yes, she is afraid
of those who will
blame her and her attire.

Yes, she is afraid
of telling her the truth
and not offering a solution.

Yes she is afraid
of giving birth to a girl child.