Friday, July 5, 2013

You have changed

It hasn't been that long
since I last met you,
felt you, heard you.
Has it?
Then why do I feel,
I dont recognise you.
Have you changed? 
I surely do feel,
I see the eyes but the 
light in them isn't the same.
It isnt the distance or the time.
Its just life I guess.
Did I miss an event
or a moment your life
because its too hard to figure out
how you are and
what you are today.
Or may be it is my sight,
my thought, my feeling
That has changed.
Or may be it is just, 
'me' who has changed. 
I know you too well
to 'un-know' you now,
So let this continue. 
Perhaps the old us will be back soon.......

Monday, July 1, 2013


In a couple of minutes the world was about to change for Sameer. He had already entered in his details in the webpage that contained the secret code to his future. He clicked the "Proceed to your results" button. within seconds of waiting, in front of his eyes was the result of his hours and hours of tuition and never ending hard work. He was satisfied with whatever he scored, after all it was the highest anyone can. But the mark next to chemistry did disappoint him a little, 96. It pulled the average down. Forever. "That will cost you, your future" his father said. "It's okay, you can go to the second best University" he continued, clearly mocking his sons ability to ever grow in the future.

Tina just returned from the 'pre-results party' her friends had organised, they just needed an excuse for it. She pulled out a paper. Just next to the big oil spot on it, was her exam roll number. She entered the number, as she hummed her favorite song. In a while,with broad smile of extreme joy she sent a group message to all her friends - I Passed by 7 marks! :) Party time!  
Finally, she would get to sign the contract, that the lady she met at the cafe gave, just as her mother had promised to.

It has been 10 years since Mr. and Mrs. Krishna's son, ended his life. The media enjoyed it then, all they needed was another suicide news. But, for the parents, he was their only hope. Probably, that's why they were a bit too harsh with him. Completing the rituals, Mr. Krishna, dusted the grave that said, RIP Sameer Krishna.

Contract and 10
In front of Mr Ricardo, she sat- the Supermodel.  He handed her the contract, explaining a few terms. He tried to be as nice to her as possible, only he knew how hard he worked to get a celebrity like her here. "Exactly ten years, back this day, I signed my first contract" the supermodel uttered with a sweet voice. She smiled at Mr. Ricardo, and signed the contract. Least expecting things to go so smoothly, Mr. Ricardo was in awe. In a second or two he said "Oh! Really, That is great Miss Tina. Thank you!"

Friday, June 21, 2013


I was made to protect you,
to save you, to teach you.
Sometimes punish, sometimes explain,
what is good, what is not,
what is right, what is wrong.
But I wasn't meant to control
your decisions, your choices.
After all you are yourself
and I, just a shadow.

Times have changed dear,
I am, today, the master,
you are the slave.
I am the puppeteer,
you, the lifeless one here.
I decide, you follow.
You made me for
 your own end.
Try to rebel and
you will be tagged.
Try to speak up and
you will be banned.
I am not you.
Not anymore.
I am 'society'.....

Friday, May 31, 2013

Gems Of Our Lives

Friends are the gems of our lives,
I heard many say this not once, not twice,
but every time,
I sat in silence, quite and lone.

No friends, no complications, I believed.
Yet I  knew,
how wonderful friendship is indeed.
Friends love each other to the core,
 I was aware,
perhaps I knew a little more.

Everyone had a dear almost all.
No one so shallow,
with a world so small.
The glittering beads of the friendship bands,
or the shining promise rings.
None excited me none could ever have.

They said,
"You can join us anytime"
"No thanks,
I'm fine" I said with a smile.
Like the spider who never gave up,
they kept trying to find a friend and 
change my luck.

Friends are the gems of our lives,
I heard many say this not once, not twice,
but every time,
as years passed and I was still on my own.

After all I was the one who knew,
the fact which was
known to only a few.
Behind the glamorous, shimmering curtain,
was not a beautiful scene,
that was certain.

Slowly fights broke out almost each day.
Some verbal, some were physical,
old enemies were best friends today.
Broken trusts broken hearts,
they accused each other of 
broken nails and broken arms!

I has predicted this long ago,
the stage they stood on 
had no place for a foe.
No one gave proper reason,
why some changed friends
like a new play everyseason.

Friends are the gems of our lives,
I heard many say this not once, not twice,
but every time,
I witnessed the fights

Some friendships did get stronger,
yet I was the same as before.
But maybe not for long,
It was a cold Monday morning I remember.
Our eyes met.
Your first day of school,
'mid November?'

"She comes from the land of Anime tales
kimonos, chopsticks and manga..
Exchange student, she is here for 90 days"
You smiled and greeted the class with a bow.
I smiled back,
not knowing what you said, even though

I knew no Japanese
and you hardly spoke English
Yet we spoke with mute means.
We got along in a day or two,
with no words nor phrases
I started to understand you.

Friends are the gems of our lives,
I heard many say this not once, not twice,
but every time,
as I started to change.

The facts about which I used to speak,
were being proven wrong,
as our friendship reached its peak.
Game-nights, partying and sleepovers,
friendship bands and promise rings,
we even gave each other make overs.

I called you my friend,
something I knew
I never imagined.
We never fought, never cried
happiness clouded above us, 
to break it we never tried.

Once when you got to know my past,
of not having a pal,
you said nothing  just laughed
You made me realize, the fear
I had in me 
of losing someone dear.

Friends are the gems of our lives,
I heard many say this not once, not twice,
but every time,
as our hearts grew even close.

The fun-filled moments we spent,
I forgot,
were soon going to end.
It was time for you to depart.
Ninety days;
so quickly they passed.

Heavy hearts and wet eyes,
we hugged each other
so many times.
I promised not to lose connection
with you,
a friend with so much affection.

They said you changed me a lot
to fight,
to argue, I forgot
Became a friend and a dear to many
but for me
I loved you more than any

Friends are the gems of our lives,
I heard many say this not once, not twice,
but every time,
as we continued to keep in touch.

We informed each other every detail 
once a day
through calls, text or e-mail.
Slowly, the days became months 
and last year,
we called each other only once.

Soon after college, I became a wife,
No place for friends,
in this busy life.
In a month or two, I got a job as well
but to you,
I never bothered to tell.

Through a box of junk my fingers ran
and I found
an old-fashioned Japanese fan
and with it a tiny key chain,
with your picture 
and your lovely name.

Only a decade later I could clear
the vague picture of a
lovely and darling peer.
I realized, I was a piece of earth 
before you came
and showed me what I was worth.

I was so selfish and so mean
to return your calls,
I was never keen.
I knew I wanted to write a letter
if not you,
it would make me feel better.

But just when I began to write,
something happened,
I thought never might.
It was a phone call from far east,
It was Yoshinaga Kami,
a name quite Japanese.....

Friday, January 11, 2013

8 o’clock

( This  poem is based on Load shedding or Rolling blackout which is an intentional power shutdown for a fixed period of time almost everyday. )

We all follow a daily routine,
rarely it changes rarely we try.
Similar was this house,
To many others in India,
Where time stopped for none and,
None stopped for time.

But it was, when the clock struck- ‘8’,
that things would change.
Women stopped cooking,
men stopped working,
children closed their books.

Old Amma*  ended her prayers,
Afterall the clock read- ‘8’.
Candles were lit,
to welcome the prince-
The Prince of darkness indeed.

The family of ten was out in the garden,
With chairs,
snacks and paper fans of course.

First ten minutes were devoted,
to a never ending debate,
Akhir*, whom to blame for this plight”
Said  the chacha*on the right.
“the Government or the people?”

Just then maamiji *brings up an issue,
Which wasn’t an issue till then.
It is then debated
and discussed by all.

When discussions become arguments,
Bold maamiji diverts attention,
to an issue a family member faced that day,
We knew half an hour has passed when old Amma serveshot kheer*
And after that was time for,
Jokes, pranks and riddles- the entire family enjoyed.
But just in a while the rusty fans,
creaked again,
And the house lit again,
within seconds everyone was inside,
and the pendulum started its work again.
The house was back to ‘normal’ in a while.

Amma* said that this routine would change someday,
The fan would work for 24 hours a day.
But then will it be the same ,
When its 8’o clock again?

* OldAmma: literally old mother/ here grandmother
* Akhir: afterall
* chacha: Uncle 
* maamiji:Aunt
* kheer: traditional SouthAsian sweetdish
* Amma: mother



- Devika Nair

There was silence suddenly in a country which had perhaps forgotten what it meant. War for freedom, that's what they called it. Day or night the sound of birds chirping and that of the wind blowing was muted by the sounds of explosions. Bullet shots on the walls, blood stains on the roads and corpses carried around became nothing but a part of the daily routine for the people here. But the silence only lasted for a minute. Just before people could feel relieved, an explosion echoed from miles away then followed even larger explosions cries.

"It is all back to 'normal'" She whispered to herself as she read the holy book inside the roofless and partially destroyed shelter she called- home. But in those loud cries, suddenly, she recognized a voice. Her eyebrows twitched and she waited for the voice again. This time she heard it was clear, clearer than ever. It was her sister, the only one. She dropped the holy book she had held and ran out chasing the voice. But it was too late.

Just as she had assumed the war has engulfed her little princess. The sight was horrific. Before doing anything her mind forced her to pray. 'God let not such a crime happen to anyone on earth' She then looked at her sister corpse. Her eyes were wet. Those eyes that are never wet had just found a chance.

As tears rolled down her cheek her heart sank deeper. Around her yet continued the fierce war, noise and violence, but she was quite. As she knelt down to feel her sister covered in blood, a shadow fell on her. He approached her faster every second. She looked up straight into his eyes, something women in this part of word are forbidden to do.

The moaning eyes were now filled with revenge as a sudden spark enlightened in her. 'God let this not happen to anyone on earth' She prayed a again and fetched for the nearest weapon. The man, she realized,  was unarmed yet she prayed for luck to be on her side. Raising the pistol she gained courage to say a few words on his face.

"We were on neither side of the war yet you destroyed our lives. You don't know what she means to me."

Before he could say a word, another firing occurred between the numerous explosions, only this time it was her.

She opened her eyes and just as she prayed, he spat blood and the bullet hit his chest. He fell down within seconds. A sense of joy surmounted her grief after all she thought she had brought justice to her sister. She knelt down and picked her sisters corpse. But as she took her first step, a hand clutched around her right ankle. She felt the warm blood with the touch. All the courage in her suddenly disappeared. But then she turned and looked at his blood- covered faced and then heard from in a painful voice,

"Even I was on neither sides of the war, yet you destroyed my life. You don't know what you mean to me"