Monday, July 1, 2013


In a couple of minutes the world was about to change for Sameer. He had already entered in his details in the webpage that contained the secret code to his future. He clicked the "Proceed to your results" button. within seconds of waiting, in front of his eyes was the result of his hours and hours of tuition and never ending hard work. He was satisfied with whatever he scored, after all it was the highest anyone can. But the mark next to chemistry did disappoint him a little, 96. It pulled the average down. Forever. "That will cost you, your future" his father said. "It's okay, you can go to the second best University" he continued, clearly mocking his sons ability to ever grow in the future.

Tina just returned from the 'pre-results party' her friends had organised, they just needed an excuse for it. She pulled out a paper. Just next to the big oil spot on it, was her exam roll number. She entered the number, as she hummed her favorite song. In a while,with broad smile of extreme joy she sent a group message to all her friends - I Passed by 7 marks! :) Party time!  
Finally, she would get to sign the contract, that the lady she met at the cafe gave, just as her mother had promised to.

It has been 10 years since Mr. and Mrs. Krishna's son, ended his life. The media enjoyed it then, all they needed was another suicide news. But, for the parents, he was their only hope. Probably, that's why they were a bit too harsh with him. Completing the rituals, Mr. Krishna, dusted the grave that said, RIP Sameer Krishna.

Contract and 10
In front of Mr Ricardo, she sat- the Supermodel.  He handed her the contract, explaining a few terms. He tried to be as nice to her as possible, only he knew how hard he worked to get a celebrity like her here. "Exactly ten years, back this day, I signed my first contract" the supermodel uttered with a sweet voice. She smiled at Mr. Ricardo, and signed the contract. Least expecting things to go so smoothly, Mr. Ricardo was in awe. In a second or two he said "Oh! Really, That is great Miss Tina. Thank you!"

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