Friday, July 5, 2013

You have changed

It hasn't been that long
since I last met you,
felt you, heard you.
Has it?
Then why do I feel,
I dont recognise you.
Have you changed? 
I surely do feel,
I see the eyes but the 
light in them isn't the same.
It isnt the distance or the time.
Its just life I guess.
Did I miss an event
or a moment your life
because its too hard to figure out
how you are and
what you are today.
Or may be it is my sight,
my thought, my feeling
That has changed.
Or may be it is just, 
'me' who has changed. 
I know you too well
to 'un-know' you now,
So let this continue. 
Perhaps the old us will be back soon.......