Thursday, July 10, 2014


Our mamma never told us,
neither did school.
It was always hush hush.....

They closed our eyes,
as it came up.
Quietly ignored it,
when someone spoke
and said hush hush.....

They didn't tell us what is right
left us to figure the wrong.
They never told us,
what happened behind the closed door
or even the flower that comes up.
All they uttered was hush hush......

Today, we know it all
or we think we do.
Battling with the blurred lines
No courage to ask.
Can't hear hush hush....

They won't inform,
they won't warn.
What if we make a mistake
would they still say hush hush?....


  1. Edit the Facebook badge widget dimensions.. Can't read the Title and first 2-3 lines of your poem .. Good luck

  2. Oh! Thank You so much :) Will do ! Thank you!