Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gold digger

She walked in slowly, a step at a time.
Golddigger by Zara
Her fragrance was jasmine and her smile was authentic.
With her entrance the crowd fell quite.
The brides' beauty silenced them all.
She looked like a Goddess here, on  earth.
Perfectly dressed and groomed.

Little Divya followed the crowed and fell quite.
She gazed at her as like they all did, with love.
But, she didn't see what others saw.
Her sister looked different today.
She looked pretty, but surreal.

Her beauty was definitely worth more
A feminist J-N-U student, wrapped in Gold.
Her self-worth, marked 916.
Her ego, plated with perfection
and her honor was exquisitely designed.

Divya wondered why Chechi was dressed in gold
and if she would have to do the same too?
"Every Malayali has to." her mother whispered,
like she had been hearing it all.
'The society- it is a Gold digger' - she had understood.